WebMaster Services

WebMaster Services is The Next Phase of Evolution in Web design and Development!

Rather than staffing an entire IT department, access the power and skill of a complete web development team including project managers, online strategists, SEM professionals, information architects, designers, content managers, interface and application developers on an “as needed” basis.

At eBusiness Media we utilize a number of strategies and tools to ensure full coverage for the web properties we manage and maintain.

Dedicated Project Manager and Team Members

Our mission is to build a relationship with all of our clients; we start by dedicating one of our project management teams to each client’s projects. By doing this, we’re able to learn and understand the unique needs and goals of each client.

Status Meetings / Status Reports

You will have the option of weekly or bi-weekly status meetings (conference calls, on-site or video conferencing), you will be emailed weekly status reports that detail the activities, budget and tasks of the project at hand. We believe in total transparency in our client relationships.

Task Tracker (Online Task Management System)

eBusiness Media utilizes a proprietary management system, Task Tool, our web-based application that allows our clients enrolled in one of our Webmaster Plans to initiate tasks. Task Tool allows our clients to submit a task and then follow the process from start to finish; here is how it works.

Once the task is submitted, the project manager will estimate the amount of hours needed to complete the task and assign a developer to that task. As the task is worked on, Task Tool displays the progress of the task from assignment to development, review, proofing, testing, and approval.