Webmaster Functions

Platform and Application Integration. We are experienced working with database and dynamic systems such as Sales force CRM and most e-commerce systems.

Multimedia integration and planning

We can host, coach, manage and promote webinars and live web events on our WebEx platform or on yours. We can develop and maintain your YouTube channel for recorded presentations and product demonstrations.
Any and all HTML, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Flash, Photoshop.

Monthly Reporting and Communications

  • Website Traffic Dashboard Report
  • Search Engine Optimization Report
  • Google Search Performance Report

Quarterly Reporting and Communications:

  • Website Design and Global Internet Marketing Strategy Review (a live conference call/WebEx Meeting)
  • Website Marketing Trend Report

Personal Client Manager

Imagine picking up the phone to call tech support and instead of working your way through a maze of call routing trees and looking up your account number you actually reached a real person – the same person – every single time. Your personal client manager is assigned to you and is expected to:

  • Understand your business objectives and technical needs
  • Provide progress reports on all projects and requests.
  • Be available to you for phone conversations and conference calls during standard business hours.
  • Respond directly to each voice mail or email within a reasonable time frame.

Annual Reporting and Communications:

  • Advanced Integration Reporting (Adwords Campaign Reports, CRM Integration Reports, etc.
  • Website Marketing Performance Review Report
  • Website Marketing Structural and Functional Needs Review
  • Website Marketing Structural and Functional

Our Webmaster Team

is highly skilled and knowledgeable in multi-site management, multi-platform integrations, custom programming, database development and integration and is a consulting partner for you to trust and rely upon.


Our Webmaster Plans provide you with a predictable number of hourly charges that have been budgeted for your projects at a discounted hourly rate. Depending upon your business needs, hours can be temporarily added to your plan, scaled back, and we are always available off the plan at our standard hourly rate.


Our role can be as broad as you need it to be. We can supplement and contribute to the skills already present on your team. We can focus on specific aspects of your Internet marketing strategy, help you interview, train and manage your internal staff, or take complete responsibility for the aspects of your internet marketing program that you wish to off-load.

Response Policy

No two requests are equal, however we strive to achieve an average turnaround time in our task management queue of two business days. Your client manager has the ability to escalate individual tasks, and of course we treat emergencies as emergencies. The success of your business is important to us!

NOTE: Any task or assignment that exceeds the plan allowance will be automatically billed at the hourly rate for the plan, provided the task is within the range of services allowed by the plan